Tibetan Nomad Tour

Area: Yushu and Nangchen

Potential dates: from May to October, in each year.

Duration: 10 days/9 nights 

Day 1: Arrive in Xining

Your local Tibetan guide pick you up from the airport and transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Make long drive from Xining to Yushu.

Early in the morning you will driver via the sun-moon mountain, first bridge of Yellow River and Baying kala mountain to Yushu. The sun-moon mountains <Riye mountain >is one of the most fascinating scenic spot in the province. and also one of the most important spots in both Chinese and Tibetan history. Where there used to be route ways along Tangbo ancient route. Overnight stay in hotel.

Day 3: Drive from Yushu to Jyodhak Nomad area of Nangchen.

In the morning drive from Jyekundo to Jyodhak Monastery, which is the second biggest Kagyupa Monastery in Nangchen, where you can enjoy the original kagyupa’s traditional architectures of the Monastery. You will camp with a nomad Tibetan family for 2 nights. While with the nomads, you will learn how to make Tibetan food, milk and herd yaks and how to live the traditional Tibetan lifestyle.

Day 4: Spend with nomad people.

This day you will spend time with nomad people and do a short hike for two or three hours.

Day 5: Drive to Nangchen County (two hours away).

In the afternoon drive to Nangchen Sharda. Stay in Nangchen. There you will explore some of the monasteries that are outside the county town of Sharnda. Dramo Monastery lies on the mountain above the town, while Naijiama lies along the Mekong River just south of town.

Day 6: Visit Gar Monastery

You will drive to Nangchen Sharda to Gochai grassland which is the biggest grassland in Nangchen and there are many nomad people live in black tents. You will camp with nomad people for two nights.

Day 7: Gochai nomad area

This day you will learning how to ride yaks and make Tibetan cheeses with nomad people,

Day 8: Drive from Nangche to Mado

You will drive from Nangchen to mado

Day 9: From Mado to Xining

Driver from Mando To Xining. Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 10: Fly to Beijing.

Fly to Beijing.

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