Tibetan Nomad Family Life

Area: Around Yushu

Potential dates: From June to September

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Join our tours to experience nomadic culture in Tibet. Nomadic culture is decreasing around the world, and Tibet offers one of the last great ways to experience this ancient lifestyle.

Day 1: Arrive in Xining

Your local Tibetan guide picks you up from the airport and transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Kumbum Monastery Qinghai lake

Early in the morning you will drive to Kumbum Monastery..which is 28 km south of Qinghai's capital Xining. Kubum Monastery is the birth place of Tsongkapa the founder of Yellow hae sect. It is one of the six greatest Monastery of the Yellow hate sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The Monastery is a perfect ancient building complex of both Tibetan style architecture and Hang style buildings constructed. After that we drive via The sun-moon mountain to the Qinghai lake which is the biggest saltwater lake in China. The sun- moon mountains <Riye mountain >is one of the most fascinating scenic spot in the province. and also one of the most important spots in both Chinese and Tibetan history. Where used to be route ways along Tangbo ancient route. Over night stay in hotel

Day 3: Arrive Yushu

You will make long drive to Yushu Via the first bridge of Yellow Yiver and Bayankala mountain. Overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 4: Arrive nomad area.

You will drive out to the Yushu Grasslands at 50 km and camp with a nomad Tibetan family for 3 nights. While with the nomads, you will learn how to make Tibetan food, milk and herd yaks and how to live the traditional Tibetan lifestyle.

Day 5: With nomad people

Experience firsthand the lifestyle of Tibetan nomads. Join nomads herding yaks and sheep and making cheese, yogurt, and butter. Try riding a yak. You might fall off, and the nomads might laugh at you, but then they will help you back on. In the afternoon you can learn how to sing Tibetan nomad songs and dance with nomad boys and girls.

Day 6: With nomad people

You will do a short trek for few hours around the nomad area, where you will get the first view of the mountain. Meet with the local horses and yaks at Paltang grassland.

 Day 7: Back to Xining

You will make long drive from Yushu to Xining over night stay in hotel

Day 8: Fly from Xining to Beijing 

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