Nomad Tour

Our 12-day nomad tour:

Day 1: Xining-Gedu and Qinghai lake

Day 2: Jyeku-Batang-jyurdak Monastery- Nangchen sharda

Day 3: Sharda-jamzo-

Day 4: Jamzo

Day 5: jamzo-Parka-

Day 6: Parka

Day 7: Parka-DeYak Monastery

Day 8: Deyak

Day 9: Deyak- Sharda town

Day 10: Sharda zamo Monastery-Naijama Monastery,Jyeku

Day 11: Jyeku, Jyeku monastery janamani and Tagu Monastery

Day 12: Jyeku Xining.


Day 1: In the morning drive from Xining to <Gudea>, where you can see the most beautiful view of the yellow river and attractive landscapes, after that drive through gorgeous pastures to the Qinghai Lake, which is the biggest salt lake in Tibet as well as in China.

Day 2: From Qinghai Lake, you will make the long drive to Jyekundo. Jyekudo is the capital of Yushu prefecture and according to the history it is the one of biggest towns in the Kham area.  Along the way, you will see many Tibetan nomads and their yaks on the beautiful grasslands. Spend the night in the <sangjiangyan> hotel.

Day 3: In the morning, drive from Jyeku to Chordhak Monastery, which is the second biggest Kagyupa Monastery in Nangchen, where you can enjoy the  original traditional Kagyupa architecture.  In the afternoon, drive to Nangchen Sharda.

Day 4: In the morning drive from Sharda to Chamzo in nomad area where you can see such beautiful grasslands, yaks, sheep, and attractive black tents, spend one or two days with nomad people who are still living the traditional Tibetan traditional nomad life. These areas are still unexplored. So you can enjoyed the true lifestyle of the nomads. Stay overnight in a tent with nomad people.

Day 5:  Spend with Chamzo nomad people staying in tent with nomad people.

Day 6: Drive from chamzo to parka 50 km; spend one night with nomad people. At night, you can observe our galaxy in space, which is clearly visible from that area. Also you can take the pictures of shooting stars.  Spend the night in a tent with nomad people.

Day 7: from Parka to Deyak Monastery, which is the biggest monastery in  Chamzo nomad area. Staying  in tent with nomad people.

Day 8: Visit Deyak monastery and go for a short hiking trip to the nearest  mountain.

Day 9: You will make long drive from Deyak Monastery  to Sharda.

Day 10: Visit some small monasteries around Shardan town such as Zamo monastery Karung valley, and Nijama monastery. In the afternoon, drive to Jyekudo

Day 11: Visit Jyeku Monastery, and the world largest mani stone called janak mani.

Day 12: You will make long drive from Jyeku to Xining.   Staying in hotel.

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