Monasteries in Yushu Nangchen

Area: Yushu

Potential dates: From June to September

Duration: 8 days/7 nights


Day 1: Arrive Xining

Your local guide will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel. Xining is the capital of Qinghahi province, the largest city on the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau.

Day 2: Xining Yushu

Fly from Xining to Yushum with an overnight stay in Jykundu.

Day 3: Jyekundu Nangchen

In the morning, drive from Jyekundo to Jyodhak Monastery, which is the second biggest Kagyupa Monastery in Nangchen, where you can enjoy the original kagyupa style of architecture. In the afternoon, drive to Nangchen Sharda. Stay at Nangchen hotel.

Day 4: Nangchen

There we will explore some of the monasteries that are outside of the county town of Sharnda. Dramo Monastery lies on the mountain above town while Naijiama lies along the Mekong River just south of town. Stay in hotel. 

Day 5: Nangchen

We will go to Gar monastery, one of the most amazing monasteries in all of Tibet. Gar monastery was founded by Gardamba Chodeng, the heart disciple of Dukung Chopa Rinpoche (the first incarnation of Garchen Rinpoche). The drive to Gar goes through a forest inhabited by monkeys and deer. In addition to a forest, Gar also has a lake, many rivers as well as an upper and lower monastery. Overnight stay in Gar monastery.

Day 6: Nangchen

Drive back to Sharda. On the way we will visit some monasteries, such as Gonshap monastery and Naigya ma. Overnight stay in Nanchen hotel.

 Day 7: Nangchen Jyekundo

From Nangchen sharda, we drive to Surmang monastery. Surmang is one of the most remote monasteries in Kham. This newly remodeled monastery has a large monk population. From Surmang, you will go out to Galden monastery. Galden monastery is one of the most picturesque monasteries in Kham. It sits on a mountaintop and has a river wrapping all the way around it. In the afternoon from Garden you will continue to drive to Jykundo. Overnight stay in Yekundo.

 Day 8: Yushu Xining

You will fly from Yushu to Xining. Overnight stay in a hotel.

 Day 9: Xining Beijing

Fly from Xining to Beijing

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